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ZDT Group L.L.C is an Atlanta, Georgia based company. ZDT was founded in December of 2008 by Joe Soroka, who has been providing mission-critical services to Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years...

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Services Offering
Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring that the mission critical infrastructure systems perform interactively according to design intent and operational needs. This is achieved by beginning at the planning and design phase with documented .. [ Read More ]
Pre Planning
Pre-planning is an invaluable first step in creating and expanding your data center. Pre-planning services, aligned with budgetary requirements and future growth projection, can result in lower total cost of ownership. Poor planning can result in .. [ Read More ]
Site Assessments
If you are designing a new data center, or upgrading or expanding your existing one, ZDT Group can provide a thorough facilities assessment that can help you understand how well your mission critical infrastructure meets your current and .. [ Read More ]
Day 2 Construction
ZDT specializes in live data center work. You can be confident that you are bringing in an expert to replace, install, or maintain your equipment while your data center is live. We specialize in.. [ Read More ]
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News & Articles
06.16.2010 - Joe Soroka is a guest speaker for Mission Critical Magazine's Webinar on Electrical Reliability in Data Centers
03.01.2010 - Mission Critical Magazine "Phoenix NAP Building a Next Generation Data Center"
12.01.2008 - ZDT opens offices in Atlanta
11.07.2008 - Mission Critical Magazine "Meeting of the Minds Part 2"
09.01.2008 - Mission Critical Magazine "Meeting of the Minds Part 1"